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In an industrialized world where our busy lives push us into a never-ending race, it is crucial to rethink our approach to nutrition.At Suplemint, we believe that access to optimal nutrition should not be reserved for a few. Our themed cures are the result of in-depth research, designed by leading experts to address contemporary nutritional challenges. They are produced with attention to quality and responsibility.

Why thematic cures? 📦

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Easy to use 😎

Say goodbye to the multitude of plastic pots of different brands, dosages and quantities. With Suplemint cures, discover the simplicity of a single product containing all the ingredients you need, dosed to perfection, in a 100% eco-responsible approach. Easy to use, practical and informative, Suplemint cures adapt to your pace of life: they will easily find their place in a pocket, a handbag or on your desk. Each box provides you with all the information you need to optimize your treatment effectively.

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Best value for money quantity 💯

Do the math! By adding the average prices of our main competitors, adjusted according to the dosage and the reference duration of a Suplemint treatment of 28 days, the average cost among our competitors is 90.45% higher. This almost doubles the price. And to top it off, Suplemint offers delivery for any purchase over €50, an advantage not systematically offered by our competitors.

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Dosages 3 to 4 times higher 🏆

Say goodbye to under-dosed multivitamins with unimpressive results. We scrupulously respect the recommendations of health professionals to achieve the desired effects. Each treatment is a judicious combination of capsules containing distinct active ingredients, working in perfect synergy to maximize their effectiveness.