How can we prepare effectively and curb our excesses during the end-of-year holidays?

Comment se préparer efficacement et composer nos excès durant les fêtes de fin d’année ? - Suplemint

Soon, the season of end-of-year festivities will begin again. Traditionally, it is an opportunity to come together as a family, thus creating a real shared joy around these precious moments.

This period is conducive to letting go and it is not uncommon to indulge in the desire to savor, eat and drink more than is necessary by putting aside our course of action for the year while often feeling guilty!


So how can we manage this period in the best possible way while avoiding the excesses that will manifest themselves after each meal such as a swollen stomach, headaches and digestive heaviness which represents a suffering liver? 


First of all, let’s make sure between festive meals to include some 8 keys that work:



  1. Drink sugar-free herbal teas and warm lemon water regularly throughout the day.
  2. After a hearty meal, choose raw vegetables, steamed vegetables and a small portion of protein such as steamed chicken or fish for the next meal in order to “recover”
  3. Avoid the filth as an aperitif and opt instead for raw vegetables with a tapenade and have a light hand
  4. Choose healthy foods for your festive meal, such as shellfish, seafood platters, salmon, raw vegetables, winter vegetables, black pudding, lamb, and other balanced dishes.
  5. If possible, avoid desserts and ask for herbal tea or bring your own.
  6. Take digestive enzymes with your meals.
  7. Chew slowly, because digestion begins in the mouth and you will be full faster?
  8. Limit alcohol consumption, as it can acidify the body, increase inflammation, and negatively impact the liver.


So that your liver can face this period of festivities without too much stress and deleterious consequences, the DETOX treatment is a precious ally.


This treatment, composed of two types of capsules, Hepatop and Renatop, has been designed to optimize the functioning of your liver, facilitate digestion and contribute to good detoxification.


Hepatop - For effective detoxification


The DETOX treatment begins in the morning with two Hepatop capsules, to be taken before breakfast. Each capsule contains a blend of ingredients carefully selected to support liver health and detoxification of the body.


Here are some of these key components and their benefits:


  • Trimethylglycine: Contributes to detoxification and liver health.
  • Phosphatidylcholine: Supports liver function.
  • Chlorella pyrenoidosa: Helps eliminate toxins and strengthen immunity.
  • Black radish extract: Promotes digestion and detoxification.
  • Artichoke extract: Supports biliary and digestive function.
  • Milk thistle extract: Protects the liver and promotes cell regeneration.
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine: Stimulates the production of glutathione, a key antioxidant.
  • Silica: Prevents ingredients from clumping.


Renatop - For optimal digestion


The second part of the DETOX treatment takes place in the evening, before the meal. Two Renatop capsules help support your digestive system and prepare your body to properly assimilate food.


Key components and their benefits:


  • Dandelion leaf extract: Promotes digestion and intestinal comfort.
  • Pilosella flower extract: Helps to drain the body.
  • Hibiscus sabdariffa Powder: Supports digestion thanks to its soothing properties.


The DETOX cure in summary


The treatment, designed by renowned doctors and nutritionists in functional medicine, aims to strengthen your body's natural ability to detoxify and support liver health. With its unique composition on the market, it is remarkably useful in preparing the body for the festive season.


Give your liver, which has so many functions, all the support it needs to spend the end-of-year holidays with complete peace of mind thanks to the DETOX treatment.

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