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Pour une thyroïde équilibrée.
5 gélules par jour - cure à la semaine.
  • Participe à une fonction thyroïdienne normale et équilibrée.
  • Source d'iode, essentiel pour la production des hormones thyroïdiennes, pouvant soutenir le métabolisme énergétique.
  • Aide à la perte de poids en accompagnement d'un régime approprié.
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  • Produit disponible uniquement en France (Bientôt por la Belgique).
  • Support your thyroid with our 'Thyroid' pack. Designed to help the proper functioning of the thyroid. Formulated by micronutrition experts.

    🎁 "Livraison rapide et gratuite dès 50€* 🚚

    Designed by doctors, pharmacists & nutritionists.

    Our scientific council is made up of the best health professionals, including functional doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists specializing in micronutrition, nutrition and functional medicine.

    Dr. Stéphane Résimont, functional doctor for over 30 years, speaker and bestselling author, heads this scientific council. His latest book, “Pleine Santé”, is a reference in the field of functional medicine.

    Unique & highly dosed ingredients.

    The Suplemint laboratory is a certified manufacturer - conditioner, we are a supplier of our own quality raw materials and have an in-house R&D team made up of specialists in genetics, biochemistry, clinicians, doctors and researchers. Within our R&D unit we carry out our own product and hygiene analyzes.

    Sold & recommended in pharmacies.

    With this aim of transparency and scientific seriousness, our laboratory has all the European marketing authorizations, such as NUT, CNK, ACL numbers, and many others. Thus, we are available in pharmacies to offer optimal advice.

    100% biodegradable packaging.

    At Suplemint we don't do things by halves! This is why most of our bags, labels, pill boxes and shipping boxes are certified 100% RECYCLABLE and/or 100% COMPOSTABLE (ASTM D6400) and/or 100% BIOSOURCE.

    Fast & secure delivery.*

    - Bpack World Business delivery in 2-3 days for the Benelux / 2-5 days for France / 4-6 for the rest of the world.*

    - DHL Express delivery in 24-48 hours days for the Benelux and France / 48 hours 72 hours for the rest of the world.*

    * Working days and excluding technical problems / Shortage of raw materials and/or limited stock indicated at the time of purchase.

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    An innovative composition 🚀

    The Suplemint laboratory is a certified manufacturer - conditioner, we are a supplier of our own high-quality raw materials and we carry out our own product and hygiene analyses.

    Experts in charge 👨‍⚕️

    The laboratory

    Their opinions on the cure ✏️

    Patricia F.

    December 29, 2023

    I have a stabilized Hashimoto +/-, after talking about it with my doctor, I started this THYROID treatment, it has now been four weeks and I must say that I feel less tired, I have more appetite! I continue

    Patricia F.

    Février 09, 2024

    J'ai une Hashimoto +/- stabilisée, après en avoir parlé avec mon médecin traitant, j'ai commencé cette cure THYROÏDE, ça fait maintenant quatre semaines et je dois dire que je me sens moins fatigué, j'ai plus d'appétit ! je continue 

    Julie M.

    December 29, 2023

    Finally a real supplement treatment designed for hypothyroidism and done by a real doctor :) I recommend!

    Marion P.

    December 27, 2023

    I don't know if it's thanks to the treatment but I feel less tired and more joyful...

    Anne G.

    December 22, 2023

    Great cure in addition to my treatment, all my dosages are green. Thank you Dr!

    Zahia S.

    December 20, 2023

    A precious help for my thyroid. I feel much better since using it.

    Marie J.

    December 13, 2023

    This treatment helped stabilize my hormonal levels. I am very satisfied with the results.

    Jill H.

    December 12, 2023

    Excellent product for thyroid support. I saw noticeable improvements in a short time.

    Marie H.

    January 05, 2024

    A remarkable change in my thyroid health. I feel so much better.

    Manon D.

    January 03, 2024

    Since I took this treatment, my thyroid seems better regulated. A huge relief!

    Anne G.

    January 02, 2024

    I highly recommend this treatment to those who have thyroid problems. It really helped improve my symptoms.

    They talk about us ⭐

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    Why supplement? 🎬

    Fill your deficiencies and boost your well-being with judicious supplementation. Our experts will explain in detail the importance of supplementing for optimal health.

    Tips for use 📋

    How to take my cure.

    For a balanced thyroid. our treatment consists of 5 pills to take daily:

    • 2x capsules "THYROID+"take in the morning, before breakfast.
    • 2x capsules "ADRENO+"take in the morning, before breakfast.
    • 1x capsule "L TYRO TOP"take in the morning, before breakfast.

    Why so much? Because each capsule consists of only one or a few active agents to guarantee an ultra-effective dosage of our products.

    Beneficial effects on the body.

    • Contribute to regulate good production of thyroid hormones.
    • Participate in a function thyroid normal one balanced.
    • Help with weightloss accompanied by an appropriate diet.

    Although some beneficial effects will be felt from the 1st week, it takes at least 3 months of treatment to reach 100% effectiveness and continue as long as you feel the effects.

    Dr Résimont’s file

    THYROID: it is the clinic that takes precedence and not the blood values 

    - TSH : According to the latest studies, we aim for levels below 1.5, above this indicates probable hypothyroidism, which the clinic generally confirms. The standards still accepted and unfortunately still taught: 0.3-4.3 are completely obsolete and do not detect the vast majority hypothyroidism.

    - T3 libre : Must be in the upper percentile, i.e. above 5.2 pmol/L otherwise this generally indicates at least hypothyroidism.

    - T4 libre : Most doctors ask for its dosage, although it is of no use since it is an inactive hormone.

    Signs of hypothyroidism : chilliness - cold extremities - weight gain - fatigue first thing in the morning - high cholesterol with high LDL (more than 95% of high LDL cholesterol is hypothyroidism) - constipation - muscle pain/aches in the morning - (feeling) periorbital edema/fingers/ toes in the morning - morale up and down (see depression) - dry skin on feet/heel/legs - hair loss - fragile nails - difficult digestion - migraine refractory to any preventive treatment - hoarseness upon waking - gastroparesis - bradypsychia - bradycardia – loss of memory - difficulty concentrating - loss of appetite - paresthesia (tingling) - decreased libido - teeth marks on the tongue - goiter - loss of the outer part of the eyebrow (Hertoghe's sign) - mottling of the skin - rigidity joint in the morning - yellowish complexion (beta carotene accumulation) - high homocysteine ​​- high liver enzymes - recurrent ENT respiratory infections - low morning temperature: less than 36 - joint stiffness in the morning - diastolic hypertension - difficulty sweating, elevated liver enzymes got /gpt - snoring - sleep apnea syndrome (tongue edema) - difficulty sweating - insulin resistance...

    If some signs are positive, the diagnosis is made regardless of the biological results, regardless of the TSH level.

    Hypothyroidism is also associated with a much higher risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure, obesity, infertility, diabetes, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer's, respiratory tract infections and cancers.

    The latest studies highlight the ineffectiveness of T4 treatments (Elthyrone, L-thyroxine, Euthyrox, Levothyrox) given the difficulty patients have in transforming inactive T4 into active T3 either due to lack of selenium (which reaches 80% of the population) either by ineffectiveness of deiodinases of genetic origin or because of low ferritin or copper deficiency. 

    In addition, our thyroids are soaked in heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium, fluorine, phthalates (plastic), which explains why more than 90% of the population is hypothyroid. T3/T4 mixtures (Euthyral-Novothyral - Erfa Thyroid) work much better, with T4 normalizing biology, but leaving patients symptomatic.

    The treatment of hypothyroidism is made for intelligent people, you must be able to adapt your treatment yourself: the patient must listen to his signs of hypothyroidism and must aim for the disappearance of the main signs which are: chilliness , morning fatigue, morale up and down, facial edema in the morning: these signs must have disappeared, it is at this time that we can estimate that we have reached the appropriate dose. In winter, you may need up to 50% more thyroid hormones and vice versa when it is hot: reduce the dosage.

    In case of overdose, you may have signs of hyperthyroidism in the morning: palpitations, nervousness, tremors, hot flashes, diarrhea: reduce by 1/4 tablet, or even more.

    In case of cortisol deficiency, the patient will tolerate treatment only after cortisol supplementation.


    An optimal level of T4 and T3 leads to an inhibition of TSH production and therefore this TSH can automatically become undetectable.

    Most doctors who don't know about thyroid say, "Stop your medication, you're overdosed." 

    T3 must be above 5.2 pmol/L or 3.4 nano g/L and the clinical signs of hypothyroidism must have disappeared without there being any signs of hyperthyroidism (palpitations, tremor, hot flashes, nervousness, diarrhea).

    Hyperthyroidism is not defined as being an undetectable TSH but by the presence of clinical signs

    Many doctors confuse hyperthyroidism due to Grave/Basedow or Hashimoto's disease in the beginning phase or hot/toxic nodule and effective and well-conducted treatment (by T3-T4 mixture or natural hormones) which also gives a ++++ lowering of the TSH.


    Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor or pharmacist in case of concomitant use of treatment for diabetes. Consult your doctor in case of simultaneous use of anticoagulants. Not recommended in cases of autoimmune diseases. Bladder fucus, guggul and selenium contribute to the proper functioning of the thyroid. Store dry at room temperature. Not recommended for people taking anti-depressant treatment. Not recommended for children and adolescents.

    The detailed composition.

    • THYROID + capsule / 2 capsules before breakfast / For 2 capsules: Guggul (Commiphora mukul) 266 mg including 26.6 mg of guggulsterones, capsule: pullulan, ashwagandha (KSM 66®) (Withania somnifera) 200 mg including 10 mg of withanolides, L-tyrosine (166.6 mg), bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) 160 mg including 100 µg of iodine (NRV*: 66.6%), Oryza sativa, Sophora Japonica (35 mg including 33.3 mg of kaempferol), zinc bisglycinate 33.33 mg including 10 mg of zinc (VNR*= 100%), yeast selenium 18.3 mg including 36.6 µg of selenium (VNR*= 66.6%) , rice starch, manganese gluconate 5.4 mg including 0.66 mg of manganese (VNR*= 33.3%), methylcobalamin 8.3 µg (VNR*= 333.3%).
    • L-TYRO TOP capsule / 1 capsule before breakfast / For 1 capsule: L-Tyrosine (125 mg), rice starch, capsule: pullulan, ascorbic acid (30 mg, VNR*= 37.5%), rice flour, nicotinamide (6 mg, VNR*= 37.5%), riboflavin (525 µg, VNR*= 37.5%), pyridoxine hydrochloride (525 µg, VNR*= 37, 5%), (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid in the form of glucosamine salt (Quatrefolic®) (75 µg, VNR*= 37.5%), methylcobalamin (0.94 µg, VNR*= 37.5%) .
    • ADRENO + capsule / 1 capsules before breakfast / For 1 capsule: Klamath algae powder (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae)(200 mg including phycocianin 11.3%22.6 mg), extract Bacopa monnieri (150 mg including bacosides 50% 75 mg), capsule: pullulan, HRG80™ ginseng powder (50 mg), Panax ginseng CA Meyer extract (50 mg including total ginsenoids 11.45 mg / including rare ginseng 5 mg), Oryza sativa L., Ginkgo biloba extract (60 mg including flavonol glycoside 24% 14.4 mg / including terpeno-lactones 6% 3.6 mg), L-Tyrosine 37.5 mg.

      * Nutritional reference values.

    100% eco-responsible packaging 🌳

    At Suplemint we don't do things by halves! This is why most of our bags, labels, pill boxes and shipping boxes are certified 100% RECYCLABLE and/or 100% COMPOSTABLE (ASTM D6400) and/or 100% BIOSOURCE.

    The answers to your questions 🔎

    Can food supplements be dangerous for my health?

    At Suplemint,  we do everything we can to ensure safety and optimal results. Our food supplement cures are carefully dosed by experts from the medical world. Together they develop the different formulas/cures according to the latest scientific discoveries and carefully select the highest quality raw materials on the market, favoring those that come from eco-responsible agriculture and fair trade. We therefore subject all our raw materials to toxicological and microbiological analyses.

    That said, everyone is different and each case is unique. We always recommend that you consult your doctor if in doubt or if you have a medical condition. You will find all the necessary information regarding the treatment on each product page as well as on the product packaging.

    Is your treatment really 100% natural?

    The naturalness of our products is one of our main values. In the vast majority of cases, each capsule consists of ingredients of natural origin. Plants, fish oil from sustainable and eco-responsible fishing, minerals or trace elements are carefully chosen by our experts. In other cases, we choose efficiency because the most reliable and concentrated source of vitamins and minerals is currently chemical.

    We carefully select each of them for 100% European sourcing. We are particularly careful not to use unnecessary excipients.

    Is your treatment compatible with medical treatment?

    If you are following medical treatment, it is important to note that some of our treatments may have contraindications with:

    • Antidepressants
    • Anticoagulants
    • Antidiabetics
    • Medicines for kidney disease

    It is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before starting one of our treatments. For each treatment, you will find all the necessary information to share with your doctor in the “ADVICE FOR USE / CONTRAINDICATION” section on the product page.

    For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly at:

    How long should I take my cure?

    Although some beneficial effects will be felt from the first week, our experts have determined that at least 3 months of treatment are necessary to achieve 100% effectiveness.

    Can different cures be combined?

    Absolutely ! It is entirely possible to combine several treatments. In fact, certain combinations are even recommended by our specialists. Here are some suggested complementary combinations:

    • ENERGY + MAN+
    • SKIN + DETOX

    However, we do not recommend combining certain treatments:

    • ZENITH

    If you have the slightest uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact us or consult your doctor.

    For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly at:

    The S-BOX weekly pill organizer 🌐

    Suplemint has designed a practical, elegant and ecological weekly organizer: The S-BOX. Both reusable and 100% biodegradable, the S-BOX responds to the ecological concerns of contemporary consumers.